The History


The history of Bagno Elena begins in 1840, on a strip of sand already discovered in the ‘700 by Admiral Nelson who made it a refuge for his love affair with Lady Hamilton.

First beach resort in Naples, it was born with the name of “Marine Baths” and in 1899, with the Italian Unification, it was called “Bagno Elena” in honor of the wife of Vittorio Emanuele III, future king of Italy. During the decades the bay was chosen as landing beach ad muse by famous personalities, such as Oscar Wilde, Richard Wagner and Maxim Gorky.

At the beginning of ‘900 in spite of the long periods of war, Bagno Elena kept intact its elegance and, after the World War II, it becomes the coterie of Neapolitan intellectuals as Eduardo De Filippo, Domenico Rea and Totç, illustrious who loved the sea and the city, and who were regulars of this bay.

Thanks to the progressive work of synergy and passion of the last two decades, Bagno Elena, today has regained its original features of marine oasis in the heart of the city, becoming a business reality in a worldwide famous scenery.